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Director’s Vision

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Let me begin by thanking you for visiting our website and in particular this page

Here at Gravity, we take steps to maintain and develop our productivity in the real estate market, making sure of covering each and every real estate aspect to become a preeminent real estate company and eventually provide our services at the highest levels of standards.

Gravity was launched towards the end of 2007. A team of 4 distinguished employees initiated this company, and since then it has been growing immensely. We have observed closely markets change and many newer organizations fail to succeed, and it has proven that experience is a true requirement in today’s more competitive market place.

At Gravity we identify incredible opportunities through unexplored strategies and present them to our clients in the most profitable way. With a team of nearly 60 employees distributed carefully and professionally in multiple departments where they are ideally positioned to offer a range of services that extend well beyond simple sales and leasing, such as property investment and management, property listings, and property consultancy.
Having one of the largest portfolios of properties in Abu Dhabi, makes us your perfect partner for either selling/leasing your UAE property or helping you identifying the best deal to make.

We aim to cover all the real estate market sectors in the region of Abu Dhabi to fulfill all types of inquiries made by our clients through providing them the most up-to-date knowledge and high-quality service whether they were investors, sellers or buyers which will develop a solid corporate identity in our specified targeted market area and become one of the main Real Estate references.

Munther Al Bakri

Managing Director