Gravity Real Estate

Our Team

Our team has very thorough knowledge of the market; we truly believe that our dynamic, multilingual and highly professional team each with our own different skills offer what sets us apart from any of our competitors, which enables us to secure the best property deals suited to the budgets of our international, regional and local clients.

Our team provides property information, sales and customer support in a well informed and professional manner, ensuring sustainable communication with all call-in and call out customers and comprehensive tracking of their interests and inquiries.
Our team consists of:


This department helps the management in employment and utilization of Human Resources and most importantly follows up with all the accounts, representing a unique set of codes to record all entity’s transactions consistently, and to well organize the fundamental accounting needs. Essentially to be able to collect financial information that is relevant, both for internal management and external parties.


Our marketing – listing department is always up-to date with the market place to make sure of the service we offer to our esteemed clients and to efficiently plan and anticipate in listing and marketing all the properties the valuable owners provide us and to make sure it reaches the maximum exposure expected through the various marketing tools we have.


Our ambitious call center team keeps making out most efforts by attending clients’ inquiries , provide feed backs and consultancy about the market changes, and attend to Outbound/Inbound calls in a professional customer service monitoring and update the market price to make sure all the prices and properties details to enhance productivity efficiency.


Our sales & Leasing dynamic, multilingual, and highly professional teams have a very thorough knowledge of the market each with their own different skills divided in multiple areas all around the UAE; they offer the cutting edge property consultancy service which enables our clients to secure the best property deals suited to their budgets whether they were international, regional or local clients by offering a lot of services including:  Escorting & guiding clients to properties sites, discussing conditions of Sales & Rentals, transactions processes, provide finance consultancy to clients, and enlighten them  with actual market information.


Following up and resolving customer complaints and questions in regard of the service and how it is being offered to eventually provide the service at its best.


Where our support and professional IT team keeps our in-house systems and servers up to date and maintain the accuracy and the stability of them including customers relations management systems and our listings systems.